Are you driving safely?

We recently came across a news article from the USA which had some interesting statistics that have a powerful and relevant message for us in the UK too. The key point we drew was this:

50% of those killed in a car crash in the USA were not wearing a seat belt. As 90% of Americans routinely wear a seat belt, this means that if they get in a car without wearing a seat belt they are 9 times more likely to die in a crash than someone wearing a seat belt. Putting aside differences in legislation, culture and regional trends, the message is still clear:

Always make sure that you and your passengers are wearing their seat belt.

The video included the following information too:

1930 15 car deaths per 100 million vehicle miles
1945 7 car deaths per 100 million vehicle miles
present day 1 car death per 100 million vehicle miles = 30,000 in 2014

Despite a steady decline in road deaths, 2015 saw an increase in the frequency, severity and number of car deaths.

Warren Buffett extrapolated that as cars are continuing to become safer, the problem is that drivers are becoming less safe. A third of the deaths were influenced by drink driving, but another significant proportion were caused by an increase in ‘distracted driving’, where drivers were phoning or texting while at the wheel.

The message is clear:

Do not use your phone while driving.

Drive safely!

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