The Onslow Trust: igniting aspirational ideas

We were recently delighted to be approached by the Onslow Trust, who wanted to feature us in their TalkingPro Resource. The Onslow Trust works in partnership with established businesses to benefit young people nationwide. They offer career support for young adults, to provide advice and guidance whilst facing the challenges associated with career choices. Their purpose is to educate and inspire,  to raise aspirations in young adults, and to support the transition from education to employment. 
TalkingPro is an interactive database of career case studies, designed to provide young adults with a place to learn about the range of careers available to them and the opportunities they may pursue. It offers in-depth career advice from people in a variety of fields, whilst encouraging young adults to explore their opportunities and engage with a range of professionals.
We were very pleased to offer our input, and you can find our contribution here. If you would like to feature in the resource too, get in touch with the Onslow Trust here. It’s a great way to support a charity, educate and inspire young people and act as an advocate and ambassador for your career. 
We hope you enjoy the opportunity to find out a bit more about us and this fabulous organisation that works hard to support, guide and encourage young people.
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