Is your charity eligible for the FREE Google Ad-words grant?

Imagine what you could do with £7,500 worth of adverting every month?! You could publicise your events, share your story, attract donations, recruit volunteers…

It may seem like an impossible dream for a tiny charity (or even a big one!)- but it’s not not! Believe it or not, if you run a registered charity, you are more than likely eligible for the $10,000USD ad-words grant from Google.

To be eligible you must:

  • be a registered charity In England and Wales that means you must be registered with the Charity Commission and/or registered with HMRC as a charity for tax relief. (Check out here exactly how it’s defined elsewhere.)
  • be currently registered with tt-exchange. This is a software donation programme partnering with Google and it’s free to register.
  • acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding non-discrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • not fall into one of these categories: Governmental entities and organisations; Hospitals and healthcare organisations; Schools, childcare centres, academic institutions and universities (but philanthropic arms of educational organisations are eligible).
  • have a live and active website. We understand that this means you have more than just basic contact details and update your site regularly, perhaps with an occasional blog.

More information can be found here.

We are more than happy to volunteer some time to give small charities the information and tools they need to get going with this. If this sounds like something that could have an amazing impact on your charity, but you’re daunted and unsure where to begin, do get in touch.It really is very simple once you get started!

If your organisation has an online presence, click here for advice on how to keep protected against data loss and cyber crime.




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