To us, Community means having respect for the rights, differences and dignity of others and working to engage with, support and harness them. We work together to create an environment that values, supports and includes everyone and we are proud of the people who work for and with us. We encourage each other to support local charities, the environment and causes we believe in by helping others.

We decided we wanted ‘community’ to be one of our core values when launching the business because we wanted to be a part of a community and to build one of our own. Taking care of our clients and building trust is just as important to us as having a team of people who work well together and encourage each other to be our best selves. We make an effort to be a part of the local SME community to help others, develop awesome relationships and learn from other business leaders’ expertise and passion.


Excellence to us means having the passion, motivation and determination to pursue our goals, dreams and objectives and to be great at what we do. We are proud to say we have a team of people who are doers, achievers and mentors. We use our expert knowledge to give others the best advice we can give to them manage their risks. We use our passions and own personal values to build upon our own knowledge and skills, strive to meet and exceed our goals to advocate for causes we believe in wholeheartedly.

We chose ‘excellence’ as one of our core values because we wanted to highlight our passion for knowledge and our own personal values of education and its importance to building trust.


Integrity to us means doing what we believe to be right, for the right reasons, even when no one is watching. We strive to be able to trust others and aim to create an environment where our clients feel they can trust us to do the right thing. We strive to put our clients and communities first and ensure we are always honest with ourselves and others. We value the relationships we build with our clients and are proud to have clients who trust us.

‘Integrity’ is one of our core values as we aim to be part of a growing movement to build public trust in insurance. With greater engagement we can better help our communities to build strong, resilient businesses so they can deliver their passions with confidence and impact.