Small and Medium Enterprises are often run by people like us: people who love what they do, care about their sector and have made sacrifices and taken bold steps to do what they have a passion for.  We are a small, family-run business whose goal is to support and protect other businesses as they grow and thrive.

Unlike large companies who have the infrastructure to employ specialised insurance and risk staff, SMEs can often be vulnerable to exposures they can’t anticipate or requirements of which they are not aware.

Our role is to become part of your business team, a trusted advisor, working as your appointed agent, getting to know your business, arranging suitable policies and providing you with the specialist advice and guidance your company needs.

We work with a wide range of businesses, including professional services firms,  manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and training providers. Whatever your line of business, get in touch if this sounds like the kind of relationship you would value.


Contact us for advice, further details or to obtain a quotation.