Google the term ‘insurance professional’ and you’ll be presented with a (fairly monocultural) array of suited and be-shirted individuals. Come to the Talbot Jones office and you’ll likely find Richard in shorts or jeans with a hoodie and t-shirt, ready to move into the evening to do some painting at the dining room table; Miri in a comfy woollen jumper, set to meet up later with some friends; Sue in a turquoise fleece, prepared for a long country walk; and Clare in a quirky skirt that brings a dash of colour but can be tucked up to cycle home. Gil is a dapper chap, so he will most likely be in a shirt with a waistcoat. Each person is encouraged to wear what makes them feel comfortable and confident.

Our dress code is born out of:

Accessibility– nerve damage following Richard’s leg surgeries mean that wearing light, suit trousers bring unbearable discomfort and distraction. Heavy jeans or shorts means he can work with greater comfort and focus.

Practicality– wearing suits doesn’t fit in with our lifestyle. Whether it’s coming straight to work from a damp swimming pool, hopping on a bike for a client meeting, spending 3 hours in a hot train followed by a trek across London or picking up the kids for a trip to the park straight after work, a suit would hinder us in making the most of the opportunities we have in and outside of work.

Suitability– we work with few businesses who have a formal dress code. The Charity, Tech and Creative sector clients we predominantly work with generally have a more relaxed dress code. By dressing more causally we feel we can build better connections and help make insurance seem as accessible, practical and down-to-earth as it should be.

Wearing a suit is often perceived to be an outward indication of professionalism. Is it ‘unprofessional’ that the Talbot Jones team don’t wear them?

Our belief, of course, is: no!

Despite not wearing suits, professionalism is at the heart of the Talbot Jones offering, and we strive to demonstrate that through how we act, rather than how we look.

Competent– alongside the great deal of experience we have as a team, we a committed to market-leading levels of continued professional development. With all three full-time members of staff engaged in Masters studies, within the last 12 months, we have also cumulatively achieved 2x British Damage Management Association Insurance Technician qualifications, 3x Institution of Occupational Safety and Health qualifications completed or underway, 1x Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate, 1x Postgraduate Certificate in Insurance and Risk Management, 1x Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters Diploma and 1x International Institute of Risk & Safety Management Recognised Safety Practitioner status. We’re also proud to be one of only three North East insurance brokerages to hold Corporate Chartered Status, a reflection of our competency, service levels and commitment to professional standards. We take having the highest levels of up to date knowledge for clients very seriously…and we really enjoy the learning as well!

Skillful– knowledge isn’t everything, so we immerse ourselves in our communities, too, enjoying the benefits of developing different perspectives and experiences in our niche areas while contributing our own. Our team contribute and learn from roles locally, regionally and nationally in Insurance industry Institute and Professional Association, serve on boards supporting asylum seekers, those in financial distress and employability. We volunteer with charities supporting young people, helping women into financial freedom and offering greater disability access.

Recognised– despite not fitting Google Image’s algorithm or many people’s image of what makes a professional insurance broker, we are proud that members of the team have been recognised as Top Specialty Broker for the Third Sector, Rising Star in Insurance, Elite Woman in Insurance, Northern Power Woman, Insurance Young Gun and finalists in the North East Equality Awards.

So, while we might not look like insurance professionals, we hope that you agree that we are insurance professionals. What do you look for in an insurance broker? Is it a suit? Or something more…?

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