Many homes and businesses have the security of a fire alarm monitored remotely, ensuring the fire services are alerted to respond even when no-one is on site.

This can result in lower insurance premiums and the security of knowing that there will be a quick response in the event of any potential fires.

Once installed and an annual maintenance contract is signed, many will relax and be content that this is one less thing to worry about.

BUT if one of the biggest providers of these services was to withdraw from the market there just might be a bit of a scramble to obtain alternatives.

Well, this has happened!


And such a withdrawal has just been announced: BT are withdrawing their popular Redcare service. They will no longer sell the service from the end of February and will cease providing the service on 1st August 2025 or even earlier for those contracts due to expire before then. This will affect over 100,000 systems so an opportunity for other providers, no doubt.

However, not all alternatives are appropriate as this article from AXA insurance explains, there are technical requirements that need to be met to ensure that an equivalent (or better) system can be obtained. Quite a lot of hardware will need to be replaced regardless of the Redcare withdrawal as many older systems may not work with the new fibre networks being rolled out.

To Do!


If you are likely to be affected by these changes, please do start looking at alternative providers sooner rather than later. If you have nay queries about your proposed new system’s acceptability to insurers, please do contact the office via or on 0191 9170330.